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At SEOLAND we provide the following Online Marketing Services for Online Businesses

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About SEO Land

We are a results-focused SEO Company based in Cape Town, South Africa, with a specific focus on SEO services, Pay per click and Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Retail E-commerce. Our experienced Cape Town based SEO experts have worked with an assortment of organizations and businesses to best promote them through a range of internet mediums. Our team has worked with various organizations from small/medium size clients to international conglomerates.

Who are we?

We guide small to large businesses through the maze of the World Wide Web. It is literately our business and our passion. It does not matter how big or small you are as a business, we believe everybody should be able to taste online success. You may be a small bed and breakfast in De Aar or a massive Cape Town based business conglomerate that needs an aggressive web presence, we have the expertise and experience to manage your marketing campaign and deliver optimum search engines results.

Why do you need Internet Marketing Services?

You have heard the saying “Built it and they will come”, well this is NOT POSSIBLE on the internet. As the owner of the newly built website you could have the most beautiful website in the whole country but at the end if you don’t get any visitors, nobody will ever get the chance to see it. This is why you need the best rankings in the search engines for specific keywords that will bring visitors to your website when they enter a search for various relevant key-words linked to your site.

How do I sign Up?

Signing up with us is easy. First you have to contact us by either emailing of phoning us. After first contact we will email you a FREE SEO AUDIT of your website/s.  We will explain the benefits and negatives of each package and then at this stage you can decide which package you want. Checkout our packages!

Seoland has been mentioned on some of the world’s biggest online marketing and tech websites.

Matt Cuts from Google explaining Google search.  Let us explain how seo works ?

SEO Explained

We understand that all clients have a distinctive, brand centric set of marketing requirements. We believe before we start any new campaign, that we need to know your brand from every angle. This gives us as a SEM Company the insight we need to produce a search engine marketing campaign capable of making your brand an online success. For your website to have a long lasting and lucrative impact, campaigns devised by us incorporate all the online marketing techniques out there so we can build you a robust online presence.

This includes Organic SEO, PPC, Local search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce Setup, Email Marketing and  Web Development. We tend not to offer any standard SEO package or SEO service that either have no effect on your campaign or worst get your site penalized and removed from the search engine index. We see our clients as an investment rather than a once off deal; consumer satisfaction is of vital importance to us, as without our clients we would not be able to exist. After careful consideration we have become so confident in our own services that we offer a Free Search Optimization Audit report before you sign up.  Most companies we know will charge hundreds of Rands or even thousands for such an in-depth insight in your current online presence and statistics. Our skilled team of Capetonian SEO experts offer a wide variety of SEM Services for a diverse assortment of patrons.  Currently we provide SEM Services to a huge number of small businesses that wants to promote their products and services to their local market or large conglomerates that would like to become known not only locally but internationally.  Whatever your size of your company we will be able to assist. Get in touch with SEOLand today to find out how our company can help you generate the results your online commerce needs to be able to compete within this industry.

Specialised Cape Town SEO Company

When choosing an SEO services team you may profit to have a look at our in-depth Search Optimization analysis breakdown of you website. This study will help you realize what kind of services you may need on your website and what we can provide at our Cape Town Branch. SEOLand will work with you and your company to implement our Seo Services on your site to suit you. Our SEO Services we provide at our Cape Town branch  is second to none when it comes to getting your website to the number one position for your selected keywords.

Optimising your Conversion Rate

Embracing Search Engine Optimization services in order to get targeted hits on your website is only half the job, ensuring hits does not actually mean sales. In order to generate Return on investment you need targeted leads that will turn into paying customers. Our Search Optimization team will inspect the website and even work with your web development team to fully optimise your conversion by using an effective call the action, website usability and setup an all-round more helpful user experience. Give us a shout so we can book a conversion optimization advisory session today.

SEO Company – PPC Advertising Services

Google’s Add platform Pay per Click provides an excellent lead generation platform for new and existing websites. This platform is by far the most used advertising platform on the internet and also the reason why Google has grown into one of the most successful companies in the world. Using Pay Per Click, you can now advertise your website online but also build a brand familiarity and thus increase publicity. If you manage a pay per click account properly it can deliver astounding return on investment. As you probably realize this is no small task for any new website owner. A couple of newcomers to PPC advertising have had horrible experiences with PPC as they don’t have the time or in-house expertise to run a successful Pay per Click campaign. Without actual promotion organization skills your online business is likely to be wasting its money on poor keyword selection, UN-targeted incoming traffic and bad bidding arrangements.

Basic Package

Our entry level package is perfect for small businesses with restricted finances, predominantly those working in a niche area
  • 1 – 3 Keyword Optimization Monthly Link Building: Lightweight Monthly Reporting
Basic Package

Premium Package

Our corporate campaign are completely scalable, customizable and geared for long term success.
  • 1 – 12 Keyword Optimization Monthly Link Building: Heavyweight Monthly Reporting
Premium Package

Here are some of our many happy clients:

Online Dating SEO Project When we started out we knew that it will be quite difficult to get the top for a keyword like “online dating”. We decided to go with the team of SEOLAND. Within 5 months our rankings has gone up from page 15 to page 1 for the keyword “online dating”. Moreover SEOLand have gone out of their way to improve our rankings and have identified countless further improvements which we have successfully applied to our existing online marketing techniques. Liam Michaels

AlphaMale Search Engine Optimization Project I am thrilled with the growth reached to date, we are remarkably busy at the moment with our annual sales going up with 24% up on the first three months of last year. Its rather difficult to achieve success in the “male enhancement” niche market, but SEOLand has done extremely well. Pears Jobs MD

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