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You have a business, or you have product or service you want to sell. eCommerce allows you to make this service or product available on the internet. It is probably one of the most effective ways to sell your merchandise.

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Expert In Ecommerce

Our eCommerce team consists of highly enthusiastic and talented professionals committed to provide our clients with an excellent eCommerce platform and online management system. After many years we have refined the art of building successful ecommerce platforms.  With over 20 years of combined e-commerce experience we have one of most talented e-commerce teams in South Africa.

Web Technology

We strive to always keep ahead when it comes to newest ecommerce web technology, but we also strive to keep our core function as simple as possible and that is to keep you online and selling.  In short we want your ecommerce shopping cart platform to look absolutely brilliant, we don’t want you to experience any hassles and we want you to sell as much as possible.

Customer Support

We have adopted a close working relationship with all of our clients. Using our 3-step method below, we never fall short on customer expectations. Our friendly support staff will guide you through the e-commerce maze every step of the way.  We provide our customers with in-depth support via email, telephone and even remote access. Customer support has become imperative when developing a new online shopping site.

Upgrades and more

We use one of the most in-depth and advanced shopping cart software packages available.  We can assure you that our team of developers and programmers are forever thinking of ways to improve our software and increase your online sales. All new software updates that is done to the base software is absolutely FREE.  Each upgrade is thoroughly tested before it’s released to our customers.

We have a 3  step sequence when we built a ecommerce website.  Please see how below how we do it

Your desirable goals and assessable outcome are defined from the start.

setup-wireframeWe Wireframe your site
We produce the blue print, layout and structure for you website.

Develop-a-ecommerce-websiteDesign Ecommerce Website
We design you a site that will bring you visitors and sales.


It is Responsive

Our Shopping Cart Software is tablet, mobile and Laptop/Pc friendly.
The software is responsive, which basically means the website looks great on any device you want to use. A responsive design is a must nowadays.  It has become imperative that you website looks great on all devices out there. This is why we decided to provide a responsive design for all our Commerce websites as a standard.

Why do you need a responsive design?

  • About 89% of Smart phone and tablet owners use these devices to browse the internet.
  • 57% Owners of tablets and smart phones use their phone to visit online shopping sites to check out products for information and even shop online.
  • Most users feel a bit led down when they cannot access a website because it is not mobile friendly. A non-friendly customer will not return and you may lose a sale.




Working with some of the biggest names in eCommerce.