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We offer an array of distinctively customized email and sms marketing solutions that concentrates on raising the value of the client partnerships with his client.

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Bulk Mailing

Bulk Emailing

Email Marketing is the art of getting a once-off client to become an ongoing customer. E-mail advertising (also referred to as mass emailing) has actually come to be an indispensable marketing tool for interacting with your clients or would be clients.

Promotion via email

Advertising Medium

Several of today’s most effective online  marketing firms fall short to understand that they have a very effective advertising medium at their disposal: their existing customer base or rather their existing customer “email” database.

Publicity medium

Targeted Advertising

These days you can send out individualized, targeted advertising and marketing messages to clients for a fraction of the cost as opposed to other more conventional advertising techniques out there.

Reminding the client of your services

Perpetual Updates

Even the most successful companies require enormous advertising budgets to maintain their viability and lasting growth. Comprehensive research has actually shown that the straightforward gesture of wishing a customer well on their birthday can have remarkable results.

Our Bulk Emailing Services is used by many of our clients.

client adverts
easy advertising medium
bulk mail

Targeted advertising

Grow your online business with Seoland’s Email Marketing services. Send mass emails marketing campaigns to your customers day by day or week by week. We use user friendly email software to create newsletter and promotions within a couple of minutes.

Seoland’s team of trade experts can help you from anything from developing and designing of the email newsletter, specific keyword  usage to avoid spam catchers and email reputation and the management of the email campaign itself.


Permit us to reveal you just how we do it

We offer an array of distinctively customized email marketing solutions that concentrates on raising the value of the client partnerships that you’ve currently developed with your website and other offline marketing strategies that you have done.


Do you need help or are you just starting out?

You don’t already have an existing email advertising and marketing program or you are not exactly sure if you even need one?
As one of the leading digital advertising networks globally in terms of return on investment (online research studies have actually shown a return of R440 for each R10 you have spend), you’ll likely see the value in applying for our E-mail Advertising Service.

We offer an assortment of E-mail Advertising and marketing solutions to establish what’s best for your company and supply you with actionable suggestions and recommendations. And we have the ability to implement these techniques on your behalf or together with your current email-marketing team. If you want we can hand over the reins to you and wait in the wings to help and provide support you whenever the need arise.

If you have recognize the worth of doing email advertising for you company then the next logical step would be to contact us.

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