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Why do I need Google local listings for my business?

Google + Local will help you and your business become visible onto the first page of Google.


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Local optimization

What do I need to know about Google listings?

Google local allows your business to become visible on the internet to any possible internet user that looking for you services in your area.  Google listing has been integrated with Google maps which is an awesome way for a “would-be” client to find their way to your organization or company.  Many millions of people searches Google maps every day to find a specific services or company. This option to create your organization or business on the local listing is given free by Google. By adding your business to these local areas on Google you are able to promote your business for very highly competitive local area oriented keyword phrases like “Cape Town attorneys” or “Cape Town plumbers”.

  • Statistics states that over 43% of searches on Google displays local content 43%
  • About 20% of Google searches include local information 20%
  • 86% of Searchers click on local business links 86%

What do we do?

We create your local listing online and then we optimize so Google will index you and place your business at the top of the local listings. This method is called Google local Optimization.  The higher you listing the better for your business.

Have a look at this Video below on Google local listings and how it integrate into Google + pages.




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