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Search Engine Advisors

As more and more companies are becoming informed to Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, you now find many companies are now using SEO consultants to optimize their websites. So the only way for you to keep in front of your competition is to start looking out for specialized Search Engine Optimization advisors to rank your own website.

Ranking Higher

Search Engine consulting services can not only assist your site to rank higher than your competition, but it also improves your website search engine reputation.  By using a specialized SEO consultant you are able to rank higher in the search engines which we all know will lead to more leads, which in turn will lead to more sales for your business or organization.

Google Algorithm

With all the Google algorithm changes in Search Engine Optimization in recent years, it is not as easy as it used to be to rank high for a “big keyword phrases”.  It sometimes can be a rather long and difficult road for some websites to reach the top of the search engine rankings.

White Hat Techcniques

We at Seoland only use white-hat SEO techniques to rank sites.  We focus primarily on efficiency and tried and tested SEO methodologies to increase website authority which in turn provides high rankings for our client’s websites.  We are one of Cape Town’s most professional SEO companies and we believe that our Seo consultants will be able to rank any website given time and effort.

google rankings

Tried and Tested Search Marketing Methods

Have you recently been working with a Search Marketing Company to only find out that you have wasted all your money and time and that you are not ranking for any of the keyword phrases that was promised to you?  In fact you think your site may actually have gone down the rankings instead of up.  The reason for this is, that about 80% of all SEO consultants are not qualified to perform Search engine marketing in the first place.  E-Marketing or SEO online marketing is a rather unique advertising medium. It takes planning and rather unique tactics to achieve the search rankings you may want. We also don’t believe in a SEO Plan that will rank all. All website are different and there for each SEO strategy will be different.

We believe that our SEO Consultants services will be able to achieve the search engine rankings you want.

What do I get?

The Seo consulting services at Seoland Cape Town includes online marketing, Pay per click, SEO, onsite content optimization, search development and ROI.  A search Engine consultant adviser will do an FREE SEO audit on your website or blog and then map out the negatives and positives of your website. They will then make the necessary onsite changes to the website code and content and then start with offsite link building to place your website in a favorable position in the search rankings.

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