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Facebook reports that they now have approximately 600 million users worldwide; YouTube gets up to 4 BILLION HITS PER DAY and Twitter has over 230 million users. Clearly the Social Media phenomenon can no longer be ignored.

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Facebook Page Account

Having a Facebook Page account has become imperative to ensure social signal are pointing to your website. The more people talking or liking your product or services, the better for your business.  Google and other search engines notice that people is talking about your products or services on Facebook and therefor will give your web-site a better ranking than your competitors.  So not only do Facebook help people to recognize your brand but it also have a positive effect on your Google search engine rankings.


Twitter Social Media Account

With Twitter we focus on helping your business to increase its twitter account followers. A high twitter following counts allot with “would be customers” and increase the conversion rate of the website. It also institute trust between the visitor and the website. Google and other search engines use this social media platform to determine if a website is of high authority.

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Google+ Account

Google+ is the second biggest social media portal at the moment after Facebook. Various studies have noted that Google+ have an indirect effect on a website page-authority which obviously have a positive effect on a sites rankings.  By creating a Google+ Page online you create an extra avenue to attract customers to your website.


Linkedin Social Media

Using LinkedIn we help our clients increase their total high value acquaintances. We strive to connect our clients to the most significant users on Linkedin, which place them in the position to contact the most prominent decision makers in the client’s niche market.


Branding Experts

The social media services provided by SEOLAND can be tailored to directly meet the corporate goals set by your company.  It is commonly recognized by SEO companies that social media is a decidedly effective customer generation tool and thus it is becoming a priority for any established business or any new web corporation to have some kind of social media strategy in place.

For those that still believe that NOT many would-be customers use social media sites needs to re-evaluate their online marketing techniques and beliefs.  Social media advertising is not just about anywhere your consumers are, it’s also about who your clientele is connected to and how their likes, shares, tweets and re-tweets can influence their friends.  With our social media marketing methods your brand can reach far beyond their normal advertising plato.  We at SEOLand focus on the 5 Main Social Media Markets in South Africa at this moment.  These markets consists of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and Linkedin.

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Fairly simply to understand, social media describes that part of the web that enables individuals to interact with their friends in a public online forum. It consists of numerous sites, please see below. Many more is opening their doors each day.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Foursquare
  • Yelp

Collaborating with a social media advertising and marketing company that recognizes and understands these kinds of social systems and also their particular distinctions is an essential part of your online success.

Social networking with their friends is now one of the main online activities for many individuals. This implies that most individuals that are on-online are speaking to each other.

While individuals are chatting with each other, one of the following things will take place:
They will either talk about your online firm or they will not.

Do you have some kind of strategy in position to ensure that if they are chatting to you or about your business, you have some kind of plan to ensure that this conversation is being done in a positive light?

If not, a reliable social media advertising company can assist you and provide you with specific direction.

Connect with your audience and boost your brand name, social engagement as well as improve interaction.

Social Marketing is not just a buzz-word anymore. The data are staggering. With over fifty percent of the world’s populace now active on various social networks, we and many other online marketing companies can now confirm that it is not just another passing trend. It is where individuals find themselves during lunch times, at home relaxing and checking out what their friends are doing or just reading interesting articles.   Interestingly enough it has ended up as one of the primary means how men and woman are sharing their ideas, their objectives in life and how they make friends.

We have heard that many businesses have decided not to invest in social advertising.  Perhaps it is due to the fact they believe that most people visit social media platforms because they would like to chat with friends or play online games and most probably not interested in using social media to buy their product or services.  Obviously this statement cannot be further from the truth.

There are three ways to use social networks and also they each improve each other.

  • Building an audience by getting users to like your Facebook or Twitter pages
  • Engaging your users and getting them involve in a conversation
  • Getting something about your company to go viral

Seoland Social media marketing recognizes all these methods and will be able to help your firm do very well with its social advertising and marketing ventures.  As a business owner you need to see your “social media community” as an business asset. The power of a optimized  social page is that it produces a community centered on your specific brand name. They like or shared your page because they are interested in what you are selling. This communal page is a place where you can interact with would-be clients, where you can generate sales and even find out how you can improve your product or services.

The secret to your business success is to collaborate with an online social media company that fully recognizes to importance of marketing via social media websites.

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